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Q - Where does Freedom Phone Lines provide service?

A - At the present time Freedom Phone Lines provides service in all 10 provinces in Canada.

Q - How long does it take to get your phone connected?

A - It normally takes 2-6 business days until your service is activated.

Q - If I have an outstanding balance with my current telephone carrier can I still connect with Freedom Phone Lines ?

A - Definitely! We will activate your service regardless of your previous circumstances with any other providers.

Q - Will I receive a monthly invoice or statement?

A - Yes. Approximately ten days before your payment is due, you will receive an invoice which is due on the date indicated.

Q - What if my payment is late?

A - If your payment is late, late payment charges will apply. Freedom Phone Lines will call within 48 hours to request payment. If payment is not received, then unfortunately a disconnection of service will follow shortly there-after.

Q - Can I still get dial-up internet access?

A - Yes you may use either Freedom Phone Lines service or an Internet service provider of your choice.

Q - Can I have high speed internet (DSL)?

A - Yes you may use an Internet service provider of your choice.

Q - Can I accept collect calls?

A - No. All collect calling are blocked.

Q - Do I have access to an operator?

A - Yes. You have access to 411, and 911.

Q - Do we have to pay for 411 calls?

A - Yes. You will be charged on a pay per use basis for 411 according to our current pricing schedule.

Q - Does Freedom Phone Lines provide me with a telephone?

A - No. You are responsible for the service of and acquisition of a telephone.

Q - Are there any features available for use with your service?

A - Yes, We offer Call Answer©, Call Display©, Call Waiting©, Three-Way Calling©, Call Forwarding©, Call Return©, as well as a service called Messaging Bundle which includes all previous services listed. (© = Bell Copyright Services)

Q - When would my first payment be due?

A - After you re-connect with Freedom Phone Lines your first bill will be due one month later which would either fall on the first or the twentieth of the month.

Q - Can I still keep my old number (if applicable)?

A - In some cases it is possible to keep your old telephone number.

Q - How do I make payments?

A - Payment information - please click here.

Q - Is it possible to cancel my service?

A - Certainly. You may cancel at any time simply by letting one of our operators know within 48 hours. Any outstanding balance will be due upon disconnection.

Q - What happens if I move?

A - Each time a move occurs, you are responsible to pay a $50.00 transfer-of-service fee.

Q - Does Freedom Phone Lines offer any cell-phone or WAP service?

A - No. We currently do not offer any wireless services.

Q - What about long distance?

A - Freedom Phone Lines offers a prepaid long distance service.


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